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The smartest way to deal with your energy systems

The smartest way to deal with your energy systems

Sparkfund is an energy technology subscription company based in Washington, D.C. We give customers access to essential building energy functions and outcomes — like cold air, light and resilience to storm events — without the constraints of ownership, enabling them to do more energy projects, faster, and with fewer resources. We strive to create positive change by deploying solutions that are good for business and good for the planet. And we’re building a diverse and collaborative culture to help us achieve all of that.

Manager or Senior Manager, Business Development

Chief Operating Officer at @Sparkfund
Founded Spark • Developed market entry strategy at @Bloom Energy, energy consultant at @ICF International • Studied at @Dartmouth College
Founding CTO and acting President of SparkFund. Worked at @Intuit, studied at @Northeastern University. Lover and builder of systems of all sorts.

Joe Indvik

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Founder Spark • Worked at @ICF International
Founder and CEO, @Sparkfund


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2 rounds

Latest round

Series B (Feb 2017)