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Investment gifts for everyone (YC W15)

Investment gifts for everyone (YC W15)

SparkGift makes it insanely easy to give investments as gifts (stocks and ETFs). Instead of giving a $50 gift card, with SparkGift, you can give $50 of a Vanguard bond fund or $50 of Tesla stock. Our platform supports fractional shares and small dollar gifts. We are creating an entirely new gift category. Through investment gifts, we are creating new savers & new investors at scale.

SparkGift was founded by Peggy Mangot, Tia Gao and Bob Haigler. Peggy & Tia are former Googlers and Bob was the first engineering hire at Google Ventures backed One Medical.

Unlike traditional financial accounts, SparkGift makes it easy for the people in your life to contribute to your long term saving & investing account. SparkGift offers the ability to create and share an investment registry and makes it easy for you to add to your own account or for friends and family to regift over time.

Spark Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC.

Tia Gao

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Worked at Google, Stanford EE

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