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Pol Rosello

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SpaceX software engineer with professional experience in embedded systems and graduate research experience in artificial intelligence.

Alfred Samuel Derochers

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Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineer with experience in Hybrid Electric vehicles and Propulsion component design

Bill Derouin

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Full stack software engineer at SpaceX - building enterprise applications to build, test, and launch rockets.

Kenneth Condon

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Worked at SpaceX, Nest. Experience in systems design, sensors design, and electrical hardware design. Went to University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Emanuel Di Stasio

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Supply chain professional with experience in supplier management and evaluating material requirements.

Jake Bowles

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Additive Manufacturing / Advanced Manufacturing / Rocket Engine Manufacturing / New Space
Technical Recruiter at SpaceX

Arik Jenkins

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Worked at SpaceX

Shehroz Hussain

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Founder @CommonVenue .Worked at @SpaceX, @Tesla Motors. UWaterloo 2017.

Meghan Ostermann

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Mechanical design + test engineer looking for new opportunities

Daniel Lasowski

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SpaceX - Lead Manufacturing Engineer - F9 Propulsion/Avionics System Integration MEng, BS from Duke University; Bilingual with dual citizenship (U.S., Germany)

sanjeev sharma

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Works at SpaceX in engineering design. Worked at Seagate Technologies on hard disk drive manufacturing design.

angi whitford

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Former team

Lauren Silverstein

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Curtis Larson

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Joe Salinas

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Josh Jetter

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Dominic Doty

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Danielle Fallon

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