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Engage candidates with our candidate marketing chatbot

Engage candidates with our candidate marketing chatbot

Veruca.ai delivers rich content experiences and tells compelling stories to motivate candidates to apply for jobs. After they apply, Veruca collects the data, organizes it, and builds compelling templates ready for submission to hiring decision makers. She also takes over repetitive tasks.

Recruiting professionals struggle with balancing time between candidates who have the best chance at getting hired. We ask repetitive questions designed to filter out top contenders who proceed to more in depth interviews, and each call lasts twenty to thirty minutes. Let’s say I am on five to ten calls a day with candidates. That's five hours a day. This chatbot eliminates all of that wasted time.

Remember when job boards became stale so we evolved them with sites like The Muse? Candidates get inspired to apply with Veruca.ai because she's the only recruiting chatbot that creates engagement like the best recruiters can with dialogue, content, and compelling stories.
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