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AI sourcer, helping mission-driven companies grow their teams (YC S17)



Founder at Sourceress. Previously at Addepar, CTO at CloudFab (acquired). Previously ML / NLP researcher. Put in my 20K hours of programming.
Founder @Sourceress • Formerly Chief of Staff, Product Manager at @Dropbox • Published author • MIT CS undergrad, Media Lab.


Dale Hamilton

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Kevin Woods

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SaaS Sales Leader growing companies from Initial Traction to $10M+ ARR Current Head of Sales @Sourceress Former Account Executive @Rainforest

Ali Rohde

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Chief of Staff at Sourceress (YC S17)

Nadezhda Pierre

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People Ops professional with interest in education.

Laura Handeland

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Forming policy. Scaling teams. Building customer success, one hire at a time.

Lia Economos

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Helping build Sourceress Previously Engineering and Product Leadership hiring at Airbnb. Also LinkedIn, MemSQL, and Nutanix.
Worked at SecurityScorecard (high growth cybersecurity startup) & 5th Avenue Fertility (boutique celebrity medical practice) - flexible, enthusiastic + polished

Christina Kim

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Software Engineer @Sourceress(YC S17) Previously: Software Engineer @Memebox (YC W14), CS @Northwestern University , HCI researcher @Delta Lab
BizOps @ Sourceress

Layne Tisdel Martin

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Former team

Emily Zhao

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Yuichi Kurosawa

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