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Frontend Engineer

$100k – $145k estimated
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About the role

This role is an opportunity to rapidly prototype and iterate on the sophisticated interfaces used by our contractors and operations team who use the product all day, every day. They've been largely neglected up to this point, so you'll get a lot of positive user feedback from every feature you ship. We have a great designer who you'll be able to leverage as much (or as little!) as you want.

These are not your normal internal tools -- these are absolutely core to our business. Each improvement in efficiency is directly related to our bottom line, so your work will be some of the most important in the company. It's also an opportunity to build interesting, complex user interfaces for a team of knowledgeable users who are interacting with cutting edge AI and ML software.

- Redesign and rewrite our existing interfaces to be more usable, more understandable, and more efficient to use.
- Own projects from conception and design through testing and deployment.
- Collaborate with product, design, and users to understand the requirements and determine what we should build.
- Minimize the complexity of the software that you create and maintain.
- Continually improve your own software engineering skills (whether via side projects, classes, or whatever else works for you)

Sample Projects
- Creating a wholly new writing experience in which people and AI collaborate, producing content that’s better than either would be able to produce individually.
- Designing a lightning-fast data labeling interface that completely eliminates any opportunity for bias in hiring.
- Data visualization for explaining our complex machine learning decision-making to users.
- Building metrics dashboards around diversity and inclusion.

- 3+ years of front end software engineering experience.
- A passion for improving user experience and usability.
- Strong software engineering skills.
- Understand both the value of shipping quickly and of software craftsmanship, and have the judgment to know when to apply each.
- Highly focused and productive.
- Empathetic, thoughtful, and impact-oriented.

- Typescript
- React
- Python and Django on the backend