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Director of Writing

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This is a great position for high-potential, creative individuals who are passionate about persuasive writing, strategy, and the future of AI.

To achieve our mission of helping innovative companies build strong teams, we start by working with our customers 1-on-1 to tailor unique machine learning models for each role. We then use AI to comb through thousands of candidates and identify those that fit our customers’ heuristics. At that point, our team works with the customer to craft highly personalized, thoughtful emails to excite candidates and encourage them to interview for the role.

As our Director of Writing, you’ll be in charge of leading this final step—working directly with the customer, leading our team of writers and editors to create emails that get candidates interested and highlight what is most exciting about the role.

You’ll become our insight machine for how to best maintain the customer’s voice, explain the customer’s mission and job opportunity, and train our writers and editors to make our emails as persuasive as possible. You’ll work with our engineers, operations team, and co-founders to analyze our data and find ways to continually strengthen our writing process. You’ll be trusted to manage important initiatives independently, and you’ll have huge opportunities to grow and take on more responsibility as the company expands(we plan to more than double in each of the next two years).

- ​​Serve as our customers’ lead point of contact for all things writing-related.
- Master our customers’ voices, create unique writing guides for each customer and each role, and write and edit emails to ensure they are as persuasive as possible.
- Collaborate closely with our founders, engineers, writers and editors, and operations team.
- Identify metrics to track and measure the effectiveness of our writing process and optimize priorities, programs, and plans accordingly.
- Help writers and editors level up by teaching best practices, giving constructive feedback, troubleshooting problems, and answering questions.
- Do whatever is necessary to help our customers, your team, and the company succeed.

- Experienced in persuasive writing, such as in journalism, speechwriting, marketing, editing, communications, copywriting, or proposal writing.
- Analytical and strategic. Thoughtful. Curious. Strong problem-solver.
- Excellent at interfacing with clients.
- Able to write comfortably about software engineering and related topics.
- Strong leadership skills. Good judgment.
- Incredibly smart. Loves learning. Highly motivated and hardworking.
- Effective executor. Detail oriented. Very capable, independent, focused, and productive.

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