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Business Operations Manager

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You find joy in the power of compounding returns: finding those small optimizations that over time lead to big wins. Your comfort zone is in monitoring metrics and spreadsheets. You speak in specifics and real-world examples rather than abstract concepts. You have a gift for thinking in concrete terms but communicating with people as people. You enjoy the grind and turn it into your laboratory to develop new wins.

- Keep your eyes on contribution margins, setting and hitting an aggressive goal within your first three months.
- Constantly optimize the contractor organization, keeping quality and efficiency measures high and profitably meeting growth goals. This includes designing structure, workflow, and governance.
- Design an end-to-end contractor hiring process that defines who we should hire as well as how best to hire and develop them.
- Grow the team to hit your production goals.
- Motivate and lead your team so they’re enjoying their work, feeling supported, and developing along their growth plans.
- Document and communicate your changes effectively to your team and to the broader company.

- You’re an effective communicator. You’re able to easily explain complex topic, both through written and spoken communication.
- You’re extroverted. You enjoy the highs of coaching and connecting with a team. You value collaboration.
- You’re a leader. You understand when to influence and when to motivate. When someone’s looking for mentorship, you have a sixth sense on how to guide them.
- You’re an effective project manager. You’re able to bring clarity and organization to a new initiative from start to finish.
- You’re analytical. You’re able to sift through all the data and metrics to get to the heart of the story. You’re able to identify trends and prioritize those areas that need attention.
- You’re a problem solver. You’re able to to break down complex and ambiguous problems into their component parts.
- You think in systems. Without getting stuck in the technical weeds, you’re able to design systems, processes, and incentives that will help your organization achieve goals together.