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Jorge Schnura Becerro

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COO & Co-Founder at source{d}, Chairman at MAD Lions E.C., COO & Co-Founder at Tyba (Exited), startup advisor, professor at IE Business School

Eiso Kant

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I am currently working with a great team at source{d} on understanding every developer in the world through their code and helping them reach their potential.

Philip von Have

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Máximo Cuadros Ortiz

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Worked at source{d}

Marcelo Novaes

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Cécile Nolan

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Comfortable in front of large and small audiences. Strong interpersonal skills, native French and English speaker, high level in Spanish


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Vadim Markovtsev

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Used to be a system programmer, had experience with backend development and finally went crazy with machine learning / data science / big data / you name it.

Miguel Molina

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Full stack web developer focused on Go and frontend technologies such as React.js.

Board members and advisors

Married, with 3 kids. Member of Technical Staff @Docker - Interested in cloud, distributed computing, software development.

Jimmy Fussing

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Former team

Francisco Rodriguez Dominguez

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Ula Iwanska

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Tiago Rocha

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Theodora Filip

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Margarida Garcia

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Joy Cierrea Archer H

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