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The Everyday Bucket List

The Everyday Bucket List

Simply put, Soon is "The Everyday Bucket List" - a sweet little tool that keeps track of all the things you want to do next – movies and series to watch, books to read, restaurants to check out, games, podcasts, music and more. Soon lets you organize these things in beautiful lists, see what your own friends are adding to their, browse through awesome selections, plan trips to other cities and see showing what's trending in the community.

Our plan is to create a service that millions of users interact with daily, and use the data as a starting point for the world's most accurate permission marketing platform - if millions of users tell us on a daily basis what they want to do next, then we can connect them to the providers of these things and charge for the conversion.

Soon is on the App Store now, and soon on Google Play as well

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Founder and CEO of SOON - the ultimate bucket list app. Founder of digital strategy agency - Most Studios, focused on helping start-ups launch and grow.
Founder @Soon. Engineer from LTH. Founder @SeventyAgency, brand strategy advisor for Google, OnePlus, Ericsson. Lived in NYC, Istanbul, Shanghai.