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Business Development Manager - Vancouver

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At Sonder we're reimagining travel, hospitality, and how cities are experienced by building the world's first deconstructed hotel. We started a little over 4 years ago and are now active in 20 markets across North America and Europe.

What's a Deconstructed Hotel?

It’s an answer to a lot of questions we’ve been asking. Like what would happen if we took the hotel on a little field trip? What if we unbundled it and brought its rooms to the kinds of neighborhoods we ourselves would want to live in? What if we stretched and reconfigured those rooms to include a dining area and a living space, and perhaps an extra bedroom or two for the kids? What if the design was modern and exciting, and the only thing cookie-cutter was…nothing. A place like that would help create a travel experience built to take guests further. To bring them home better. And that’s a place we’d like to stay. And a philosophy we’ve built our company around.

As Business Development Manager - Vancouver, you will rapidly grow our supply of profitable Sonder locations by partnering with local developers and owners to establish hotels in full buildings or portions of buildings that look and feel like multifamily. You will ensure our long-term success in the city in accordance with public policy whether it relates to operating in an existing favorable regulatory framework or working with the General Manager in guiding policymakers to create one.

At Sonder You Will:

Work closely with the General Manager to develop a 36-month growth acquisition plan, including a strategy to achieve this plan.

Develop and maintain a network of local agents and broker partners to drive the supply pipeline.

Use local real estate knowledge and a network of contacts in Vancouver to source developers and real estate owners with suitable development opportunities where the Sonder business model can operate and create value.

Manage relationships with owners and developers including deal structuring, ongoing correspondence, and lease compliance.

Negotiate and structure deals by leveraging headquarters’ resources including teams dedicated to market analysis and projections, experienced real estate professionals, and public policy stakeholders.

Craft, negotiate, and support leases favorable to Sonder and its guests, with a focus on commercial terms, as well as property upkeep, maintenance, cleanliness, and landlord responsiveness.

Become fluent in local public policy and existing short-term rental regulation.

In cases where no framework has been established, implant yourself where necessary to favorably influence short-term rental regulation.

Become an expert at Salesforce while ensuring full compliance with Sonder business development procedures and driving improvements to the process when shortcomings are identified.

Foster community relations and present the value and benefits of partnering with Sonder while enhancing public image.

What We Look For:

You’re an accomplished closer who is self-driven. You’ve mastered the art of presenting a value proposition and handling objections while inspiring trust.

You have and build powerful networks. You can find your way to anyone in the city, particularly when it comes to real estate.

You are analytical, decisive and have the entrepreneurial drive to craft and implement a strategic plan for property acquisition.

You have experience in a real estate related role and can design sophisticated partnerships in order to create long-term value.

You have experience in real estate development and are familiar with the process to get a project from conceptualization through permitting to final execution.

You’re an overachiever.

You set high goals and then exceed them.

You can deftly navigate the public policy environment and have a knack for understanding and influencing the legal/regulatory framework.

You’re a strategic thinker who has led organizations through rapid growth.

You’re an outstanding communicator with the ability to communicate complex deals in simple terms.

Experience with: Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Relationship Management, Lead Generation, City Level Public Policy, Hospitality, Deal Closing.

Minimum 3 years of experience related to leadership of real estate, hospitality, travel, or accommodation related businesses.


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