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Your personal perfume advisor

Your personal perfume advisor

When it comes to perfume, every consumer has different tastes and preferences yet one single desire : being listened to and advised with expertise and care. Sommelier du Parfum was founded with the ambition of making something as hard as perfume advisory expert, educational and fun.

We analyzed over 45,000 perfume compositions and millions of online reviews to come up with a consistent machine learning framework of perfume recommendation to answer most consumer use cases accurately: discover Sommelier du Parfum on iOS (bit.ly/2TQzuK6) & Android (bit.ly/2BB1WIN).

In addition to our B2C products, we have built compelling fragrances recommendation experiences for prestigious brands such as Prada and Estée Lauder.

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Founder @Sommelier du Parfum. Recommender systems and machine learning. Studied @Tokyo University , @Ecole des Ponts