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New bred of computing

New bred of computing

VISION. Solu™ is a new type of OS based on the philosophy of having a computer-as-a-service connecting to a cloud infrastructure. This removes the hassle of maintenance, backups and installation. It goes much further than ChromeOS by changing the local filesystem into a large multi GB cache of the Solu cloud. This allows offline use and native access to hardware. The desktop environment is fully collaborative and apps are no longer installed but simply launched. A Spotify™ style subscription model offers the user all-you-can-eat access to apps , and developers get revenue based on app usage. To complete the experience, Solu is bundled into a small touchscreen device that can be connected to shells of different form factors, or directly to a screen and keyboard. All data is encrypted and kept in non-US locations to maintain a high level of privacy.

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Played key role in TMF Group entering Nordic market. Sat at some Fortune 500 boards. Founded @SoluMachines. Also a Doctor of Laws by the University of Helsinki.

Pekka Nikander

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Founder and CTO of Solu. Software architect and generalist.   Founder of Nixu.
Founder & CEO of Solu. Co-Founder of bank disruptor Holvi. Demoscene activist. Founder of largest digital art festival in the Nordics.


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