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Connected to the world

Connected to the world

SolarFi is an energy-autonomous, mobile and flexibly designed solar pavilion, completely surrounded by solar panels. It is ideal for initiatives to modernize the technical, social and cultural infrastructure.

The SolarFi stands out and cannot be compared with anything else on the market. In fact, it combines three systems in one high-quality product:
1.       A revolutionary kiosk with a unique design, which can be used as a food and beverage stand, information point, retail store, emergency response unit, mobile police unit, central point for humanitarian efforts, disaster-relief, golf tournaments and more.

2.       An environmentally friendly solar power station that stores the energy it generates and ensures a maximum of energy independence.

3.       A mobile unit that is easy to transport, to set up and to operate. It may be placed virtually anywhere, as long as there is sun.

Marketing/Graphic designer

Grant writing/Sponsored Research (Business Development)

Executive Assistant (remote)


Antonio Dixon

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MIT Judge, Award-Winning-Entrepreneur, Founder of social impact ventures, and advisor to Startups. Former #1 sales manager at Dentsply Sirona.