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The sharing economy of the energy industry

The sharing economy of the energy industry

Sola.io is changing the way we move to the 3rd industrial revolution. Renewable energy is the future of powering our cities and homes, but as we found very quickly there are major inequalities.

We have an economy that allows high income holders to purchase an asset (Solar System) to decrease their cost of living, whereas low income holders are dictated to pay energy prices to live...

Our vision is remove this barrier of entry and support the people to build tomorrows infrastructure. Sola.io is a Peer-to-Peer platform enabling the public to support each other on the movement to decentralise the current electricity infrastructure and political control.

The two sided marketplace, creates a mutual financial gain for both parties to walk away winners.

We have the Sola Investors, who can be anyone who wants to invest or micro invest and earn a year return of around 15% P.A. Then we have the Sola Producer who will save at least 35-40% on their current energy bill.
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