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Modern Stack Software Development

Head of Sales, Local Partner

$80k – $120k
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We're looking for an official partner to establish the international sales office of SoftBlues in the USA and United Kingdom. We're a software development company with 10 experience, exceptionally talented team and mature management. We deliver success tech products both for large enterprises and mass market focusing on agritech, e-commerce, e-learning and automotive.

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Sales Partner

Your role will be to generate qualified & confirmed business sales leads for SoftBlues. As our Sales Partner, you’ll be more involved at the pre-sales stage to facilitate presales and commercial discussion.

Referral Partner

Your role will be to refer SoftBlues to any of your business contacts who might be interested in cooperating with us. In this case, as a Referral Partner, you’ll play the role of a functional middleman that brings buyers and sellers together.

Development Partner

We can become the exclusive technical sub-contractor for your project and complete your design / marketing / PR efforts by developing custom software.

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