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An insurance platform built for the future



Dan Woods

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2013-Present: Socotra CEO 2012-13: Formation 8 Partners 2007-12: Palantir BD 2006-07: Palantir Dev 2004-06: Stanford MS CS


Anna Hall

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Socotra - Product Delivery Palantir - Launched Asian presence MIT - Dual MS (Sloan/Policy) Footprint, eStationer - Founder Berkeley - EECS

Tor E Hagemann

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I stay up late for maths and code, sometimes it's even work-related. I enjoy building new things: that gets me up / keeps me up until morning. past < future

Dubi Ben-Shoham

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Head of Talent Acquisition for technology startups

Heidi Friedrikson

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Harsh Shah

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2015 - now: @Socotra // Product Delivery 2010-14: @Google // Mobile Ads, Motorola turnaround 2009-10: @Admob (acq. by Google) 2008: @UCLA