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Nick DeLessio

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Senior Product Manager @ Social Tables (acquired by Cvent)

Dana Hagar

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You can't get to the places you want to go as a company without the right people in place. I power companies by finding the best people to get the job done!

Michael Dumont

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Engineering leader experienced with top 50 e-commerce platform, market leading MOOC, and Series B funded SaaS marketplace

Yalcin Dogan

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Full Stack Javascript Developer

Oluseyi F. Akinyode

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Curious about the connections among people, technology, products, and experiences, with a bias towards emerging markets.

Tim Foley

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Cima Khosravi

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Passionate + Confident! I love being a part of the Millennial movement involved in Tech - We are changing the way we work and improving our future globally.

Peyton Pabst

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Customer Success Manager at Social Tables

Kevin Dansky

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Associate Manager, Business Development at Social Tables
University of Alabama 2013, Fashion Retail Major

Kristen Bamford

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Robert Brownstein

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UMD Compsci. Full stack with emphasis on backend scaling. I'm passionate about producing self-describing, well structured APIs and tools.

Taylor Park

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Senior Business Development Associate at Social Tables, Business Advocate at SLAIT Consulting

Angelina Nepa

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Customer Success at Social Tables, GWU Anthro grad, passionate about research and discovery

Joseph Rollins

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Software Engineer and Team Lead at Social Tables.
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Board members and advisors

Trevor Lynn

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Exited co-founder. Love talking all things marketing and go-to-market.

Brian Matthews

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Dan Berger

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Founder/CEO of @Social Tables (hospitality SaaS), web developer, former congressional aide, @Georgetown University MBA
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Former team

Trevor Lynn

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Julia Schultz

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Scott Sehon

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Logosou Kudayah

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Jesse Breaux

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Mary Mejia

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