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Social memory is an event-centric personal assistant

Social memory is an event-centric personal assistant

Social Memory is an application that can be used by both business professionals and socialites, young teenagers and active grandparents, or school teachers and CEOs. Despite the wide variety of roles that Social Memory customers occupy, they all have three things in common: they have a large catalog of people, places or events to remember, they use multiple communication channels, and they have a packed schedule. According to a research by Work-Learning Research, Inc, people forget between 0% and 94% of what they learn. That defines one problem we are targeting to solve with Social Memory. What inspires us the most in our Social Memory project is that, quoting the research, "people are even able to retrieve from memory more than before—that is, they didn’t actually forget, but appeared to learn between the initial test and the subsequent test". By reviewing our memories we learn more about what we have experienced. This enables people to be more productive and make less mistakes.

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