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Mobile experience for playing and sharing music

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SOBRS gets recreational musicians to pick up their instruments and play their favorite music without the hassle and complication of trying to find people to play with, or find a music venue. With SOBRS, just launch the app and start having fun.
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Software Engineer

Game Software Engineer

Required Interests:

passionate about playing music, no matter if you are just starting out playing your first note or you are semi-pro
excited about working on a game-changing experience for people who love music and want to play more but don't have time and/or band members to practice with

Software Engineer

Web Developer

Full stack .Net developer (HTTP, CSS, Javascript, ASP.

Software Engineer

Audio Software Engineer

Seeking passionate, ambitious, and technically gifted software engineers for stimulating position developing audio and voice software for a wide array of smart devices and computers. You will have the opportunity to work with an international team of software engineers to develop and integrate cu...

Software Engineer

Backend Developer

Need Experience in:

Experience with Java
Experience with Spring Boot
Experience with Rest
Experience with JavaScript

Experience on high scalable projects

Experience with AWS lambda
Experience with AWS RDS
Database Design & Architecture