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Restoring consumer trust in insurance by taking it back to its 17th century roots

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so-sure is on a mission to restore consumer trust in insurance. We have redesigned insurance to take it back to its 17th century roots - when it was trusted. We have used technology and applied it to the original mutual model to ​re-align incentives across the value chain and provide our customers with​ better value, amazing experience and fantastic rewards.

Our ambitions are global and across consumer lines; we have started in the UK with mobile phone insurance​:
- better value: ​among the best service levels for up to 40% cheaper than mobile networks' insurance,
- amazing experience: slick digital purchase and a claims Net Promoter Score of 69 - unheard of in insurance where claims NPS is generally negative, and
- fantastic rewards: up to 80% money back, every year, when our customers and their friends/family don't claim - we recently paid out 71% to a customer.

We are a close-knit team that believe in performance and hard work...and that is how we delivered the above. Come and join us if you want to join a purpose-led organisation
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Head of Growth

so-sure is a tech start up on a mission to disrupt the greedy and untrustworthy insurance industry. The first vertical so-sure is tackling, is mobile phone insurance and we are going to soon be expanding lines into home insurance. We are looking for a Head of Growth. This role is in our...

Software Engineer

VP Engineering /CTO

Posted 10 months ago

We are looking for an enthusiastic and hands on VP Engineering , who will lead our tech team in scaling our business across new products and geographies. You will be reporting to the CEO and leading a team of 5 developers (1 front end, 2 back end, 2 apps), but will not hesitate to get involved...

Software Engineer

Junior Backend Developer

Posted 2 months ago

Application Closing Date: 13/04/2020 Required experience: * Degree in Computer Science or equivalent qualification * Minimum 1 year NodeJS * Minimum 1 year Symfony & Doctrine * MongoDB * MySQL * Linux servers * AWS Dev Ops (EC2, RDS, Aurora, CredStash, Auto Scaling Groups, Route53,...