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Hotel Deals Over Messaging



Co-Founder and CTO of @SnapTravel. Launched YT Music Insights @Google, Machine Learning @LendUp, Sabermetrics @Bloomberg Sports. Waterloo & GATech alum.
Co-founder @SnapTravel. Book a hotel room over Facebook Messenger. Previous co-founder @AdParlor. Boot-strapped to $100M revenue. Sold to AdKnowledge.


Kamran Ghoochanian

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Worked at SnapTravel, Reyhoon. Experienced with React, React Native, backbone.js, Sass, angular. Went to Mazandaran University of Science and Technology

Brett Reed

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Building the team @ SnapTravel | We're hiring!

Sheldon Chi

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Full stack web/mobile developer with a passion for technology and eye for product. Love learning new things and build products that matter to people.

Jon Hertz

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Operations Manager @SnapTravel. Previously Growth @Just Eat and Management Consultant for Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Gareth Smith

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VP Growth @SnapTravel, Former; @Twitter Sales Exec, VP Product @AdParlor

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@Deliverr, @Carrot Sense , @augment-solutions, Co-Founder @Stayful • Worked at @Expedia, @Hotwire, @Lyft • Comp Sci at @University of Texas at Austin

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Harshvardhan Sukthankar

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Susie Su

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Herman Shum

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