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Where you live determines so much of your life - it has huge influences on the people you meet, your happiness levels, your social status and so on. It is a big deal looking for your next home to rent or buy and one you should focus on getting nailed. Trouble is looking for property sucks, it takes too much time, the best properties get snapped up too quickly and dealing with agents and their fees can be pretty demoralising. SnapdUp is going to change that. SnapdUp is going to change the way that people find property. SnapdUp is going to bring down the cost of renting. SnapdUp is going to improve peoples lives. SnapdUp is going to improve communities. We are a company of dreamers and we are a company of doers. We live life to the max, we want more, we expect more, we are empowered and we are empowering. Real Estate is the biggest asset class in the world - the residential market alone in the UK is worth over £1 Trillion (that's a lot of 0's). There is so much room for improvement in so many aspects of this industry that it is not difficult to think just how big a company that we can be. And our secret to cracking it is...
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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

As we continue to grow we’re looking for a talented Senior full-stack Ruby on Rails developer to work in a hyper-collaborative and creative environment. You’ll be a key member of the team developing our main product.