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Paperless checks

Paperless checks

SnapCheck is revolutionizing business-to-business payments and empowering businesses to rid themselves of paper and embrace electronic payments.

SnapCheck reduces the $54 Billion cost of checking to businesses, and is immune to the $20 Billion in fraud losses that banks and businesses sustain annually.

SnapCheck leverages the existing checking infrastructure to provide easy creation and delivery of highly-secure digital checks, right from the payer’s mobile device, desktop, or existing accounting software package. For the payer, there’s no longer any need to physically write and send paper checks, a savings of $4-$20 per check, as well as the operational costs of implementing positive pay. And, SnapCheck protects the payer’s account from syphoning and forgery.

B2B payments are ripe for disruption and SnapCheck is leading the way!

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Ajay Singh

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Founder/CTO @SnapCheck , @Hewlett-Packard , @Sun Microsystems , @Citibank , Founder Here Inc.


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FinTech pioneer. Founder. Lover of all things payments (even regulation). First person to send $1 around the world by mobile.