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10 years ago, who knew that Uber would enable the humble minicab to transform the way we travel around cities?

Who knew that AirBnB would transform the way we stay using the humble B&B?

Sn-ap is new and changing the face of intercity travel, for good - using the humble coach - and backed by a superb mix of institutional and private investors (led by Kindred Capital).

There are currently 30,000 private hire coaches in the UK, owned by small, family firms. They offer high quality to their tour customers but have no way of accessing the intercity travel market.

That’s where Sn-ap comes in.

Our system matches people wanting to make similar trips, with the top drivers and coaches, from the these top quality independent operators.
• We run trips in direct response to levels of customer demand, keeping prices super-low.
• Simple on-line booking provides real-time demand inputs to the system.
• Text messages and real-time tracking on your phone let you know exactly where and when your coach will pick you up.
• Passengers rate their trip experience, every time they travel and we use these ratings to allocate new work to the best performing operators, keeping coach quality high and drivers helpful.

We have served 50,000 happy customers to date. Check out our reviews:

All this is great for today, but tomorrow we need to be able to do this at massive scale. This involves some very exciting logistical and data challenges, And that’s where you come in...
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Software Engineer (Python & Django)

About Snap:

Snap is transforming how we travel from city to city, a travel tech startup changing the face of intercity transport through on-demand coach travel.

Backed by a superb mix of institutional and private investors (led by Kindred Capital, Oxford Capital and ADV), we're building a team ...