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A picture's worth a thousand words

A picture's worth a thousand words

SnagR is a first of its kind innovative Web and Mobile site inspection and defect management system. It is a fully comprehensive and user friendly digitized process that replaces frustrating and error prone paperwork by allowing site engineers to capture a photo of any snag or inspection made, plot it on drawings with a single click, and communicate it to concerned parties. The result is a fast and efficient way of dealing with snagging and inspection

UI/UX Designer Developer

Android Developer

Web Developer

Client Excellence Manager

Mobile App Engineer (Xamarin)

Marketing Specialist

DevOps Engineer

Data Scientist

Niki Wong

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George Y.Y. Wong

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Structural Engineer MHKIE Construction/Property Technology Engineering and Business Development Director (Asia) at SnagR

Jovie Fung

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Experience with Angular, Agile, Automation. Went to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology