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Founded in August 2014 out of a Duke dorm room, SMR Worldwide partners with some of the world’s largest companies to disposition electronics in its NC, CA, and TX facilities. Our mission to become the mason of a parts infrastructure platform to disrupt the way OEMs and affiliates think of the forward and reverse supply chain. This mission drives the buildouts of our intellectual property, the creation of our intensive processing equipment, and most importantly, the hiring and development of our employees. For more information, visit: smr-worldwide.com
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Software Engineer

Front End Developer

Posted 1 month ago

Do you want to be part of a cutting edge, industry- changing company? As we continue to change an industry and grow as a booming startup, we are finding ourselves in need of even more top talent! That's where you come in! SMR Worldwide (www.smr-worldwide.com) is a rapidly growing IT Asset...