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The Apple of Urban Mobility



Founder smove - on-demand mobility • Studied at @INSEAD


Jyotir Bhandari

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Currently working at Smove. Experience with Terraform, AWS and Kubernetes

Paul Hong Nhat Vuong

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Worked at smove

Linda Lee

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Sansan Lim

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Andreas Ruland

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A resourceful, creative and effective technology leader and software architect, covering over fourteen years of managing technology challenges around the world.

Regina Koh

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Worked at Smove - Car Sharing

Barbara Fidock

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Smoving along!

Lim San San

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Worked at smove

Nitin Kumar

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Thanh T. Vu

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Dominik Cygalski

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MSc Data Mining & Knowledge Management, BSc in Informatics and Econometrics, currently coding full time and trying to make computers understand humans.

Tom Lokenvitz

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Founder smove - on-demand mobility • Studied at @INSEAD

Joseph Ting

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Board members and advisors

Organize and execute finance processes, support business and client operations with financial insights, improve financial cash position and financial returns.

B. Paul Santos

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Managing Partner, Wavemaker Partners - Early stage venture firm focused on enteprise and digital media. SoCal/Southeast Asia rep for the Drape Venture Network.

Tom Lokenvitz

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Founder smove - on-demand mobility • Studied at @INSEAD

Former team

James Wooldridge

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Nitin Pradeep Kumar

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Shem Leong

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Dexter Tan

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Ashwin Tiwari

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