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Romain Delebecque

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Worked at SmartRecruiters

Shefali Netke

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Product Designer, UC Berkeley Cognitive Science

Marcin P

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Accessibility and Frontend Architecture lover

Taft Love

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Building, training, and scaling sales development for growing companies. Currently hiring sales development stars!

Jeremy Sweeney

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Product Designer @SmartRecruiters

Wojciech Zając

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Christopher Bryson

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Enterprise Account Executive

Bartosz Czerwiński

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Katherine Levy

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Bruce Richards

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Digital Solutions Engineer | HR Technology & HR Marketing Expert |

Andrew Murphy

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Implementation Consultant for SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success platform. People and Data enthusiast. University of Michigan '15.

Kristen Gierszewski

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Brett Queener

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I am President & COO of SmartRecruiters, the modern Talent Acqusition Platform that is shaking up the industry over night.
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Board members and advisors

William Tincup

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President @RecruitingDaily - at the intersection of HR and technology, I'm a writer, speaker, & advisor #hr #hrtech #recruiting

Former team

Taylor Sternberg

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Donnie Schultz

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Jad Limcaco

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Jakub Lazinski

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Kinga Wacławik

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Morgaine Nassif

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