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Translate the words on your website, mobile app, product into any language and at any time



Kunal Sarda

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Co-Founder, COO at @VerbalizeIt.

Juliana Pereira

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15 years in marketing and ecomm with proven success launching businesses and managing all of marketing, product marketing, demand generation, and channel.

Eric Negron

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Customer Centric Product Manager with technical background and strong ability to learn and master new domains.

Beatriz E. Albini-Ruiz

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Coming soon!

Andrew Saxe

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Meredith Tyma

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Industry Analyst at Gartner. Career in software start-ups - in Marketing, Sales, PM, & Services roles. Cornell Engineer and MIT MBA.

Board members and advisors

David Pakman

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Partner at @Venrock

Former team

Elizabeth Quispe

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Andrew Keser

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Nick Amoscato

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Rose Matsa

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Stella Jiang

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Hypatia Saucer

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