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CEO & Founder, SmarterQueue Cambridge MA in Astrophysics & Computer Science.


Jesse V

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I am a Customer Success Manager with ~3 years of experience working remotely with entrepreneurs to increase customer retention and streamline support requests.

Rebecca Cooper Lowe

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Highly skilled early-stage startup professional. I've worked with big brands and small startups! Community Management | Customer Success | Onboarding | Writing

Emma Tiegan

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High growth, startup veteran. A curious and entrepreneurial spirit, I believe in holistic leadership and am excited by the ever-evolving craft of management.

Matt Breden

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Inclusive People-Centric Business | Operational Excellence | Practical | Expert-Generalist | Non-Exec Director

Lisa Long

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Director of Operations at @Soniqplay. @INSEAD MBA. @Cornell University engineer.

Former team

Tyler Goelz

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