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We asked the SmarterQueue Team, what it means to work with us... "Working remotely at SmarterQueue feels like a dream come true - not only do I get to do meaningful work collaborating with a team of liked minded folks, but I also get to do it while working remotely! For me this means having the freedom to work non traditional hours, living in Italy, & travelling the world to spend time with family & friends. At SmarterQueue, I am empowered to work on the projects that inspire me most & connect with others in different teams to help realise my visions. Every idea is taken into consideration & often used." - Missy, Customer Success "SmarterQueue has really nailed the remote work culture. Too many times have I worked for a company that boasts their remote culture but follows it up with micro-managing "butts in seats". As long as you GyShiDo, you'll find the flexibility you're looking for at SmarterQueue." - Tyler, Development "Working remotely has allowed me to discover how & when I do my best work. As SmarterQueue grows & implements best practices, there's always something new to learn." - Jenny, Development "Joining SmarterQueue is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I could have never imagined how much of a positive impact joining the Team would have. I’m free & encouraged to do high impact work that is always recognised & celebrated with incredible, talented people. Everyone on the SmarterQueue Team genuinely supports each other, both inside & outside work - the level of camaraderie is extraordinary for a globally remote company! I’m challenging & pushing myself daily in a trusting, safe environment building an amazing product & helping cool customers." - Emma, Operations "I love the startup mindset when everyone is free to try & suggest new services, processes, methodologies & approaches to make the whole company more efficient. This involves lots of learning & creativity which means a lot to me." - Maria, UX

Perks and benefits

Work anywhere you want!

We're a 100% remote company, which means you can work anywhere (and any time) you want. Great if you want to travel or live somewhere cheaper, spend more time with family, take more breaks, or just work in comfortable clothes :)

32 days paid holiday

We offer 32 paid vacation days per year. We want to make sure you have a great work-life balance.

No commuting!

Being a fully-remote team, you can say goodbye to your commute - get several hours of your week back, avoid the traffic and cost!