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Adding intelligence to everyday objects

Adding intelligence to everyday objects

Smarter.Codes lets you add layer of intelligence to applications and devices with its Machine Intelligence platform in the cloud. Think of Wit.ai, integrated with Natural Language Database Server and an elaborate training portal.

The product has achieved 86% accuracy on Natural Language queries on a Big Data catalog of 1M items when trained on 300,000 concepts.

How does it work:

1. Observe Inputs / Data:
Add inputs through Text, Voice or API in structured format or Natural Language

2. Train AI on Data / Domain knowledge:
Upload corpus data to train the system on user inputs, entities, classification, relationships, logic, natural language, local dialect and more.

3. Take action:
Train AI to take action (Search in catalog, Invoke devices or just API output) based upon understanding of the data.

4. Analyze data:
See reports of the most commonly initiated commands, hits & misses, data queries and intents to perfect the system further in those areas.

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