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Decentralize IoT Secuirty

Decentralize IoT Secuirty

SmartAxiom has built the only comprehensive IoT security and analytics platform on the market. Our horizontal IoT security solution – the first of its kind in the industry – secures physical devices, prevents network breaches, delivers multi-level key coding (generation and rotation), creates a virtual security layer between edge devices and the cloud, and protects data via context-aware authorization levels.

Our market focus is B2B through an OEM and licensing model. We already have two clients in OEM models and a third on a licensing model. Our goal is to expand both models working with NXP to expand OEM’s globally, and working our pipeline to further develop the licensing model.

Alex Co

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Founded of SmartAxiom,Inc, Worked @Broadcom,@Intel,@DIRECTV and @Motorola. I worked with couple startups and help them to developed.

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