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Creating value from energy consumption data

Creating value from energy consumption data

SMAP is a B2B SaaS product for utilities to analyse energy consumption data for better understanding of their customers’ behaviour. SMAP is a ready-to-deploy solution for any energy companies who have smart-meter data access.. Unlike previous analytics solutions, SMAP puts its emphasis on the behavioural impacts surrounding energy consumption. SMAP can analyse exactly how the end customer’s habits are affecting the utility’s profitability. SMAP can simulate not only flat rate tariffs, but is the first of its kind to simulate time-of-use (TOU) plans. It can help the utility craft bespoke plans and predict customer load shift for a variety of business goals, including customer acquisition & retention, peak-time load shedding, profitability maximisation and more. SMAP can pinpoint the customers best suited for the created plans and calculate expected savings, ultimately providing the basis for marketing campaigns.

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