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Farm, Everywhere

Farm, Everywhere

Smallhold provides grocery stores and restaurants with contained-­environment vertical farm units that produce large amounts of mushrooms, herbs, and leafy greens with minimal labor.

The unit is enclosed and controlled by a custom sensor suite, which is monitored by Smallhold technicians to ensure proper functionality.

The major innovation comes from the Smallhold Subscription Service, which is required for our customers. Smallhold pre-grows plants and mushrooms to ensure no contamination, crop health, and quality, and delivers them directly to the user, guaranteeing low cost, high quality, and resource efficiency.

We call this “Produce-­as-­a-­Service.”
Cofounder of @Smallhold. Early employee of both @Ghostery and @Datorama. Founding team member of @FutureClaw.
Co-Founder and CEO of Smallhold. The future of food, today. Past includes Agritecture, Brightfarms, WindowFarms

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