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Product Manager

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Product Manager:

Product Managers at slice are the advocates for the customers inside the organization and are fluent with the language of business, technology, and design. Product management requires an ability to deliver at 10000 feet view as well as 10 feet view, and at slice, we truly believe in empowering our PMs to perform at their best at all levels. slice PMs get the unique opportunity of scaling a growing product from 50k users to 1 million users in the next 1-2 years. If you believe that you have the natural ability to switch context quickly, understand the diverse set of problems, explain details to other people, manage people and, most importantly, ask the right questions, this job is for you.

Your role -

1) Take ownership of what next to build for the customers of slice product on all 4 platforms - Android, iOS, web, and mWeb
2) Research, track data and build hypothesis of what will increase customer satisfaction and boost business metrics. Test those hypotheses with as little effort and as quickly as possible and share insights with the stakeholders
3) Convert insights gained from observing customer behavior, market dynamics and doing experiments into understandable tech requirements. Get go-ahead from tech and other stakeholders
4) Take feedback from all departments in the company and from customers themselves. Prioritize feature requests according to measurable benefits to customers and business. Backing your decisions with data makes people respect you.
5) Plan Product goals every quarter in advance and write PRDs. Convert PRD to user stories, each with acceptance criterions defined. Work with the design team to make functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.
6) Handover user stories and product goals to the tech team at the beginning of each quarter. Take a demo of the completed product from the tech team before accepting as done.
7) Communicate to stakeholders, involved teams and customers whenever a new release is made
8) Work effectively with tech, design, and marketing team to execute the business vision and deliver a delightful product to customers
9) Track all business and user behavior metrics actively. Keep all stakeholders updated about latest developments in slice product and/or competitor products in the market.
10) Setup scalable processes and use efficient tools to achieve all product and business goals

Requirements -
1) 3-7 years of experience in a consumer internet product based company
2) Previous startup experience is a plus
3) Excellent communication skills - both written and verbal
4) Exceptional problem-solving skills and the passion to dig deeper to uncover core causes behind problems
5) Hands-on experience with getting insights from the analytics tool is required. Ability to write SQL queries is a plus but not mandatory
6) Past track record of success will help. We want to know what was the most challenging thing you ever attempted in life
7) B.Tech from a premier college will be preferred

Personal Traits:
1) You are comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment.
2) Strong data-driven analytical skills. Excellent written and verbal communication.
3) Ability to think out of the box & understand the market, customer behavior, and business needs
4) Strong project management skills
5) Ability to operate and thrive with partial information and ambiguity
6) Attention to detail and ability to multitask effectively

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Founder SlicePay • Product at @Flipkart Marketplace• IIT Kharagpur B.Tech 2014

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