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Fantasy leagues with friends

Fantasy leagues with friends

Sleeper is a sports app that everyone can enjoy, not just the diehard sports fan. We do this by offering well-designed fantasy leagues that even your grandma can use.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the reality is that most sports fans don’t care about sports for the sake of sports. They care about sports in the context of their friends.

Most fans don’t check scores daily, pore over advanced stats, or bet on games; these are activities that only a tiny subset of the population care about. However, nearly every fan uses sports as a way to hang out with friends.

Sleeper is using fantasy leagues and other forms of social competition to build the friend graph in sports, and we believe there is a billion user opportunity by using sports to strengthen friendships.

If that sounds like something you find worthwhile to work on - we're hiring.

Weixi Yen

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Co-founder at Sleeper.

Ken Wang

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Co-Founder of Sleeper. Former investment professional @ Neuberger Berman and strategy @ Fidelity. Dartmouth College.
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