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Software Defined Radio Engineer

$85k – $120k • 0.1% – 0.2%
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* Stay current with the state of the art of software-defined radio software platforms and techniques.
* Develop, optimize, and maintain RF signal processing software on ARM and x86 platforms.
* Support internal analysis tools used by hardware, reverse-engineering, and operations teams.
* Work in a team environment, leveraging version control systems, issue trackers, and messaging tools.


* 5+ years of experience in software engineering in a small team environment.
* A well-developed portfolio of past software development, composed of some mixture of professional work, open source contributions, and personal projects.
* Proficiency with modern software development practices, using tools such as Git, GitHub, continuous integration servers, etc.
* Good understanding of communication systems, including TDMA, OFDM, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
* Experience with Matlab, Python, and/or C/C++ for algorithm development, modeling, and simulation.
* Experience with SIMD vectorization, such as NEON or SSE.
* Familiarity with SDR software such as GNU Radio, RFNoC, liquid-dsp, or libhackrf is a plus.
* Experience with Ettus Research hardware is a plus.
* Experience with design and evaluation of RF systems including electronic warfare, radar, spectrum sensing, and communications.
* Self guided, displaying a diversity of skills and strong initiative.

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Founder @SkySafe, @Crowd Supply, @Cart Logic. Hardware engineering and web software background. I want open hardware to eat the world. MIT EECS 2007.

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