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Founder Skylark Drones • Studied at @Purdue  Strong Drone Background - Won NASA Systems Award for best drone design, worked at ISRO, NAL, developed uavs,mavs.

Mrinal Pai

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Co-Founder @Skylark Drones


Ananth Vishu

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Worked at Skylark Drones
A people-person and a trained psychologist passionate about understanding Human Behaviour & creating a happy, healthy work place for employees to thrive & excel

Nekhelesh Ramananthan

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UAS Integration Engineer at Skylark Drones

Vaibhav Srinivasa

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Gokul Kumaravelu

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Marketing and communication at Skylark Drones

Board members and advisors

Experience in large companies & small startups in diverse domains, delivered B2B, B2C products for markets globally, led eng teams(~50), played multiple roles.
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Samarth Hattangady

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Rohan Thomas

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Vipul Kumar

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Aishwarya M J

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Keerthi Pradaa Balajee

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Hardik Patoriya

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