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Growth Marketing Manager

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Job description in a line:

Creating and communicating path-breaking content and spreading knowledge about what drones can do for the sustainability of people, places and, businesses around the world.


(1) Experience in creating content focussed on translating technology into business benefits through blogs on Medium, LinkedIn and other online platforms.
(2) Creating and owning keyword and messaging map, along with content schedule and roadmap.
(3) Managing e-mailers, SM content, creating and running paid and organic campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Following trends, influencers and key account activities on these platforms.
(4) Developing marketing assets that create awareness and intent such as e-books, white papers and industry reports.

Job Description:

Creating good content is hard.

The writer has a restrictive arsenal of about 26 letters and an assortment punctuations but when used with empathy and respect for the reader’s needs and wants these elements can bring about change and inspire action complemented. This is what content creation and communication at Skylark Drones entails, it is about translating the idea that drones can change the way we live for the better to the right people through relevant good quality content.

Communicating content is even harder perhaps.

We want our growth marketing manager to not just curate and manage Social Media presence but also actively shape the messaging and visibility associated with creating a brand. He/she will be working with technology teams, industry leaders and other stakeholders to create and market white papers, e-books and industry reports/blogs.

As part of the marketing team, the content we create has the sole responsibility of reflecting the logic and beauty that resides in our solutions and products. The communication we use needs to reach the intended audience through e-mails and SM posts at regular and consistent intervals defined by customer roadmaps and market cycles.

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