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Share and Fork Social Media Analysis

Share and Fork Social Media Analysis

We introduce sharing to social media analysis. Skykeeper is a platform that allows everybody to create, fork, and share elegant real time social media analytics. Columnists, influencers, and people cannot perform and communicate real time analytics, due to lack of a system that provides real-time, easy to access and understand, and shareable analysis. Tons of events (sports, concerts, protests ...) are occurring and trending all around the world, all the time. People need a way to monitor them more effectively and visually than tracking hashtags.

Using Skykeeper, one can create an analysis by simply writing an event name and then share the results. Task creator pays less than a dollar for a task, other users can join the result page provided and monitor events in real time for free. Even some watchers would fork and modify the task and re-share. Companies can also use Skykeeper to create comparison analysis for their products and can share them on their web page/timeline.
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