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Long-endurance, hybrid-electric drone aircraft

Long-endurance, hybrid-electric drone aircraft

Skyfront is a manufacturer of hybrid-electric unmanned aerial vehicles trailblazing the way for industrial drone applications. Unlike current drones that only fly for 30-45 minutes, the Skyfront Perimeter drone can stay in the air up to 5 hours, eliminating the frustrating time barrier which blocked many industrial drone applications.

Our innovative gasoline-electric generator allows various payloads to remain in the air for up to an impressive 5 hours or 130 miles. In order to cultivate this novel technology, we partner with a variety of companies in industries such as oil & gas, surveying, payload delivery, precision agriculture, and inspection.
Founder and CEO @Skyfront • Early engineer at @OpenFin • Studied Physics at @Princeton University (PhD), @Duke University (BS)
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