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CEO for drone delivery start up in San Jose CA

No salary • 1.0% – 5.0%
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NOT open to outside recruiters at this time so please do not contact anyone at the company except for our recruiter. Thank you!

Skycart (.net) is looking for a new CEO to take our drone delivery company to the next level.

Skycart revolutionizes the way physical goods are shipped today. A network of autonomously flying drones carries your mails to the destination. Discover amazing possibilities like instant delivery, location-independent shipping and 24/7 operation.

Skycart is a fast drone shipping service delivering your packages in 30 minutes or less. We build a UAV network for seamless peer-to-peer delivery by air.
We have customers that are ready to fly and many others that reach out to us all the time. As the CEO, you would be charged with helping us get the next level of funding to really take our next big steps. I think that once you learn more about our secret sauce, the team, the possibilities, you will want to fly with us!

Please send us your resume along with a cover letter letting us know why this opportunity is of interest to you, what CEO experience you have had in the past, including helping with funding, etc. In turn we will reach out to you schedule a quick overview chat and then have you come meet the team if we all agree that is a good next step.

We look forward to hearing from some enthusiast CEO’s that are as excited as we are! You won’t find a more motivated team to lead to success!

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