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Drone shipping solutions

Drone shipping solutions

Skycart is a drone shipping service for retailers that delivers purchases to customer's front door. In 30 minutes or less. 

Skycart is the cutting-edge means of shipping and receiving nearly anything under 6.5 pounds anywhere within city limits and always within 30 minutes. The package is delivered to your front door or your recipient’s. Both pickups and deliveries are ordered via a smartphone app. The same app tells you exactly when your package will arrive or be delivered. Skycart is the fastest, least expensive, and most assured service in the courier industry, period. 

Our solution helps retailers to offer a better delivery service for their customers. While traditional delivery services aim same-day delivery, we go for one-hour delivery. That's exactly what retailers need. Skycart is disruptive solution for fast shippings at low costs. 

Our service is provided by a network of autonomously flying drones. Flying almost everywhere. Available 24/7. Simple.

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Embedded software engineer with a deep knowledge of robotics and over 15 years of experience in UAS/UAV development, embedded software, and AI.