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Empower My Supply Chain

Empower My Supply Chain

Our EC3 (Empowered Collaborative Commerce Cloud) Platform bridges cutting-edge blockchain technology with current enterprise IT realities for seamless adoption of our solutions across a supply chain. Our platform includes Skuchain's Popcodes® app for tracking and tracing goods that provides greater visibility and, more importantly, greater control over the supply chain. Skuchain's Brackets® smart contracts app enables the continuous flow of transactions and data and, ultimately, fine-grained automation with precise control.

These foundational technologies enable companies to turn their inventory from an illiquid asset and balance sheet burden into a blockchain asset that generates cash flow relief and reduced COGS.

Underpinning all of this is Skuchain's Zero Knowledge Collaboration® technology, which solves the information gap in the supply chain without sacrificing privacy so that companies can plan with unprecedented precision and turn firewalled information into capital.

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Srinivasan Sriram

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Founder & CEO at skuchain.com where we use blockchain tech to provide optimal planning and agility downstream and working capital relief to suppliers upstream.
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