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Digitizing in-venue experience of restaurant/bars

Digitizing in-venue experience of restaurant/bars

Our Goal

To improve the in-venue experience by efficiently managing their customers using technology especially during crowded times.

What is Skippo?

For Customer

Skippo is a mobile app that customers of restaurants/bars can use to

1. Reserve their table or enter the waiting queue from their phone.

2. Order & Pay for their drinks/food from Skippo’s mobile app & receive the order on their table or collect it from the bar.

3. Able to track their expenditure and gain deals/cashback from the venues.

For Venue

Skippo is steroids for any venue’s business. It allows them to manage their operations effectively, while helping them differentiate themselves by creating a delightful experience for their customers.

Skippo does the following

1. Increased Serving Capacity

2. Improved Customer’s experience through speed and personalization

3. Reduction in pilferage of cash

4. Retain customers through personalization and loyalty programs - Deals/Cash back

Arjun Dhar

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E-Commerce, Software engineer and Web Developer.

Rishab Mehra

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Co-Founder Growify Co-Founder Skippo Founder Musejam Founder Showline Entertainment • Studied Business & Film Production at @University of Southern California