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Tech company building impactful products; connecting publishers, merchants & audiences



@Skimlinks founder: we monetize commerce intent seamlessly. SiteRefinery founder: remonetize web properties. Ex-music biz. Scholarship IT degree grad w/1st


JC Gombeaud

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Marketing leader developing and delivering successful B2B and B2C strategies in multiple markets. Digital expert with a creative & entrepreneurial mindset.

Robin Jack

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Grace Langley

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Vincent Comby

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Software engineer, specialised in front-end technologies, passionate about music and startups, has professional experience in 2 music-related companies.

Sahan Bulathwela

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Jamie Crews

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Richard Gale

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Engineering Recruiter @Skimlinks Building the Software Engineering, Data and Product teams.

Richard Gale

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Pedro Abreu

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Worked at @Skimlinks , @FLYR ,@Cisco and @Ubiwhere

Peter Marsh

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I've been programming since my 12th birthday - ever since then I have absolutely loved writing code, for fun, as a part of my degree and even now it's my job!

Geoff Sia

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Leading HR & Talent for the amazing Skimlinks!

Alex Nguyen

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BA at @Skimlinks, Prev @Shutl, @DueDil • Studied at @university-college-london,@Draper University & @University of York
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Board members and advisors

Partner @Orrick advising technology companies in Europe
DoorDash. Past: Square, Facebook, Google.

Former team

Tom Allin

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Mahdi Mohammadi

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Scott Brown

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Ian Wilson

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Tom Layfield

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Aaron McKee

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