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Home cooking, reinvented

Home cooking, reinvented

Skillet solves the tremendous need for healthier eating by offering the first interactive application with bite-sized step-by-step videos for learning to cook that puts the users completely in control at their own pace with a natural and more enjoyable learning methodology facilitating the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

We are making it possible for everyone to discover their own hidden talents and the joy of cooking by offering a user-centric approach that adapts to each user’s needs, with HD videos made with professional chefs, all in the user’s own kitchen, at a fraction of the cost of a cooking class, from any device.

Skillet is a superior product as it overcomes our competitors’ limitations by applying the power of visual learning and empowering the users to learn at their own pace instead of making them follow someone else’s rhythm in order to turn what can be a frustrating experience into a fun activity and allow people to discover cooking as a joy rather than a burden.

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COO & Co-founder Skillet app. Industrial Engineer. Devoted to delivering the best quality content and passionate about coaching, coordination and sales.
Head of Sales at @Publicize


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