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Employment for billion blue collar workers

Backend Engineers

₹8L – ₹15L • 0.1% – 5.0%
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Big things start small. And we're looking for amazing backend engineers in Delhi-NCR for doing great work that can touch lots of lives as we take shape.

Looking for backend engineers (we use nodeJS!)

We're looking for top 1% people with original ideas and intense passion, who defy boundaries, have quirky personalities, don't believe anything is impossible, and are able to get stuff done in a third of the time that most other competent people consider possible.


"Folks wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honour & recognition in case of success."

This position is not for the weak hearted. We don't care about your degree, we don't care where you come from; if you've got the skills and drive to succeed, we'll find a place for you.

We don't need employees, we need colleagues with founder mindsets.

The Mission:

Skillbee is solving the hurdles faced by every average blue collar worker who doesn't have accessible, intuitive technology to find better jobs or training opportunities.

We are working on products to connect skill-verified workers with trusted employers using our digital platform. This will not only help them get jobs, put food on their tables, but also change their lives for the better, one person at a time.

Your Superpowers (without capes):

The world is yours to seize using your imagination and to create delightful experiences using your coding skills.

You'll design magical web experiences, fight with bugs, and kill slow performing villain code chunks with no mercy. Show the world what great hackers are capable of, without needing capes!

With great Superpowers come great Responsibilities:

  1. Complete ownership of the product, and constant iteration to delight users. We know the problem, and we are experimenting with multiple solutions, learning each day - so be able to handle uncertainty!
  2. Being the code wizard of the house as an engineer, you should be conversant with Node stack and scalable systems, and coordinate with teams to bring new and amazing products in this world
  3. Design and implement the overall architecture of the web application for build and deployment
  4. Maintain code quality and ensure fast responsiveness of products while maintaining delightful user experience and appealing user interface
  5. Good to have development experience for both mobile and desktop, cloud message APIs and push notifications
  6. Also be able to work with relational databases like PostgreSQL, caching, deployment.

Other Good Things:

The most important benefit is working with other talented, motivated, intense, and interesting people and building products that will put a dent in the universe for the better

And If you're a fan of those underdog stories (Marvel movies and history books) where small brilliant teams persevered in face of monumental challenges, and emerged out stronger on the other side to find greatness, we're writing a similar script at Skillbee and this is your chance at the lead role.

Do apply with a sample of your previous work that you're most proud of and tell us why. Don't apply if doing greatest and hardest work of your life doesn't thrill you!

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Employment for billion blue collar workers

Skillbee focuses on Technology. Their company has offices in Delhi. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://skillbee.com or find them on LinkedIn.

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